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Worldwide taxation in a post-pandemic world

This thread will speak about worldwide taxation. Currently only the USA, Eritrea and North Korea tax citizens based on citizenship and not residency. In other words, US expats can still pay taxes if they live abroad.

As mentioned on this website before, China and South Africa are now going down that route as well. In the post-pandemic world, where governments need revenue.

Therefore I expect the following tax increases:

- Expat taxes . Countries taxing expats on worldwide income. I expect many Western countries to do this at least for high-earning expats.
- Corporation taxes including potential "minimum taxation levels" agreed at the OECD level. In other words, if the minimum tax is 10%, and a country applies a 5% rate, governments could levy another 5% tax on their citizens and businesses sending money there. It will be done on the basis of "harming the multi-nationals firms" like Amazon, but will harm the middle-class more.
- Digital taxes. Just like the last point, it will be sold on the basis that it will only harm the big boys and it will "only" be 1% - before it isn't. Perhaps on day one it will only affect firms with big turnover but that will change.

Of course, as a result of this, there will be a huge demand for the following services:

- Second residency and passport services. More people will give up their passports if taxes rise and worldwide taxation is brought in.
- Accountants and lawyers who specialise in reducing tax burdens legally will have a filed

Then there will be an outcry about "why are all of these people giving up their citizenships", and subsequent crackdowns such as exit taxes for those who take such actions.

The point is, people do need to prepare for changes to come.