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What skill will be most needed in the 2020s?

I am not convinced that most of the fundamentals will change. Working hard, smart and long will always be useful. As technology plays a bigger part in our lives, working smart will merely become more important.

Who will gain more traction in the digital world - the person making 200 cold calls a day or the person who gets in front of millions online? The answer is obvious.

Likewise, investing money has always beaten saving long-term, as this graph from Quora shows:


Yet with interest rates likely to stay relatively low for years, that gap could just increase. Historically, the S&P500 has done 6.5%-7% above inflation long-term, and savings accounts 2% above inflation. I think that will change, and the gap is likely to widen long-term.

So, in essence, the same trends are likely to accelerate. That means any skills related to the online world, and investing, will become more valuable.

Predicting the future is tough though.
Will new skills and mindsets be required?