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What can help people save more?


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My trick is to track all expenses & set myself a low daily average to reach. Initially, this might come easy as you'd find yourself (often unconsciously) emptying the food stocks from your kitchen closets. Once all evident & less evident reserves are consumed, keeping to the average becomes harder. Especially as the impact of daily expenditure dwindles the longer you keep track. Where during the first week a zero expense day is like a feast in lowering the average, in week 20 the effect is hardly noticeable.

If/when you master the goal you'd set & that average stops being a challenge, lower it. See how far you can take this.


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Simple. Just put aside a certain amount you decide to save/invest every month or week first before spending. Right on the pay day :)
That's very true. Many studies have shown that people who invest one day after they are paid, especially if they automate it by direct debit, can put away up to three times more than anybody who invests at the end of the month.

This quote on AZ Quotes says it all:


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