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What are the best places to retire as an expat?

It depends on your budget, hobbies, languages spoken and many other things. I have noticed some commonalities though.

Firstly, for those who aren't that adventurous but are still adventurous enough to live overseas, places closer to home work out better. In other words, Spain, Portugal and France for Brits and Costa Rica for Americans and Canadians.

Some of these places also have the benefits of offering health insurance for reasonable prices. People who want something slightly more adventurous and lower-cost, but still close to home, are increasingly looking at places like Bulgaria, Colombia etc.

If we look further afield, South East Asia is an obvious candidate due to:

1. Language in the case of Malaysia and the Philippines.
2. Lifestyle and weather
3. Cost of living outside of Singapore and a few other places.
4. Ease of getting a visa in the case of Cambodia and some other countries in the region.
5. The food for some people.

Yet there are plenty of negatives as well. Firstly, it isn't as cheap as you might think, at least for quality. Second, health insurance gets expensive in your 70s and 80s.