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What are the best places to live as an expat?

This depends on the following considerations:

- What you want to achieve. There is a big difference between career advancement and a good lifestyle.
- Your industry.
- The languages you speak
- If you are single or have a family
- Your personal preferences and many other considerations.

If you are looking for career advancement, then places like Singapore, various US activities and London can be good. In other words, big cities that have plenty of job opportunities.

This depends on your industry though. If you work for an NGO, oil &gas or some other companies, you might get paid more if you go to a "hardship location" where few others want to go.

Likewise, it is a changing world now. More people can work remotely and from home. In which case, you might not want to live in a big city, depending on your preferred lifestyle.

I will come off the fence though

1. If you are a remote worker and want to live in Asia
. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It isn't the best party city but has a very good standard of living and it gets overlooked.
2. If you are a remote worker and are young and single. In which case I would go for certain places in Eastern Europe like Serbia, or somewhere like Cambodia. In the Americas Mexico and Colombia are safer than people expect.
3. Higher-range but still dynamic. Cities like Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai and maybe Taipei in Taiwan.
4. High-range but good for kids/families. Singapore ,Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.
5. Adventurous and starting something new - Some African countries like Ghana and Ethiopia , or some places in South East Asia like Laos or Cambodia. This is ideal for somebody looking to start a business in some developing countries where competition is lower. Yet here again, the internet has changed the dynamics. You don't need to be on the ground to do business.

For me personally, if I could live anywhere, I would pick either Singapore, Malaysia or Taiwan. Mainly due to having visited all three, but never living in one.