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What are some good ways to spend less money?

Great question. The most obvious one is ignoring any peer-pressure related spending and learning to say no.

Many people spend on things they don't need, to impress people they don't even like. Social media has only made that issue larger.

I would also think about what do you really "need". What did lockdown teach people? Well many of the things we think we "need" aren't 100% needed.

Look at costs like

1. The journey to work in an office
2. All the associated costs with that
3. Going to bars or restaurants numerous times a week

Now we feel lucky to go to cafe or restaurant once a week, and many people realise they can work from home.

I would start by:

1. Writing down everything you spend money on
2. Just randomly eliminating some costs and see if you really miss them. Start with just 10%.

Other tips include

1. Use cash more than card. Studies show it saves you 2%-5% without you even trying hard
2. Invest one day after you are paid by direct debit. People can save and invest up to 300% more by investing at the start of the month rather than at the end of the month.