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What about savings?

In pretty much every country in the world now savings accounts:

- Pay less than inflation
- Have hidden risks like currency risks
- Have relative risks like losing out to assets

Interest rates will be low for years due to Covid. You are getting the worst of both worlds with savings - less returns and ironically more risk (indirect and hidden risks linked to inflation and currency).

Remember these losses to inflation also compound. Losing by 2%-3% per year is up to 40% in 12-13 years.


Staff member
I think savings and investing should be used for different purposes. In the past, I had only savings account because I didn't know the difference and genuine 'investing' was something for other people than myself. It was considered as a safe way to 'keep' my money. However, now I realised that is not true and my 'investment' has been growing, not just staying as is.