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Success habits

For me, the success habits that have helped me most are:

1. Don’t let negative people hold you back. There will always be the negative people in life. Sometimes negative thoughts are internal as well, and we doubt ourselves. Beyond that, more successful people will get more criticism than those who aren't successful. It is important to take constructive feedback on board but not to let it affect you. Getting rid of toxic people, ideas and thoughts and replacing them with better ones is essential.
2. Focus on leverage. By leverage I don't necessarily mean leveraging money (debt) to make more money. I mean leveraging time with compounded investment returns, other people in business and so on.
3. Work on skills. Improving communication skills, financial management and business skills are good "wins" in business. University is the start of the learning process, not the end.
4. Focus. Procrastination and "doing something tomorrow" kills productivity. It is part of human nature too, so we need to find ways to get into the habit of doing things today.
5. Taking calculated risks. It is best to take more risks when you are younger and can afford to take them in your 20s. Looking back, this was one of the best decisions of my 20s, and I did it subconsciously. Yet we always need to take calculated risks. Often when we think we are taking no risk, we are actually indirectly taking more. Doing nothing is sometimes riskier than doing something. Keeping money in the bank is riskier on many levels than investing it. Staying still in business, or your day job, can indirectly be riskier long-term. There is always a balance though and taking too much risk, when it isn't calculated at all, doesn't make sense. Most people are too cautious when they don't need to be.
6. Playing the numbers game and persistence - no matter how hard we try, we won't usually succeed first time. Many successful people took five, ten or even twenty years to reach their potential. So, if somebody is persistent and tries many ideas (the numbers game) it can help a lot.
7. Never stop raising expectations and ambitions - if we get arrogant and complacent if success is finally upon us, we lose motivation. A great way to stay motivated is keep raising expectations.
8. Look after yourself. Your physical and mental health is important to success in the long-term.
9. Look after your network. Most people's opinions are irrelevant and won't affect you. A very small percentage of people are important. That could be your clients, or anybody else.
10. Remember some productivity rules. The 80:20, 64:4 and 50:1 rules are important. Up to 50% of success will come from just 1% of activities. Most of your success will come from doing just a few tasks. Learning to say no to unproductive tasks is also important.

What is your list?
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