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Security and diversifiction of SP500 ETFs


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Thank you for your precious advice and articles which I follow on Quora. As a European-based internally-mobile expat, I have made a signficant investment in an accumulative EFT linked to SP500 in EUR - SXR8 - (accumulative as I don't want to have the bother an costs of declaraing dividends every year in my current country of residence, France) invested via Swissquote Bank (the Swiss branch based in Gland, Switzerland). This is basically following Warren Buffet's philosophy but adopted to my geographical situation. My main worry is that either the Swissquote Bank and/or iShares (which is behind SXR8) could go bust and I would have difficulty in recuperating my money, despite all the various theoretical guarantees. For this reason does it make sense to (i) invest some of the money in the same SXR8 ETF through another broker such as Interactive Brokers (the Irish branch would be the one open to me as a current EU resident) and/or (ii) invest in another SP500 ETF (such as Vanguard e.g.VUAA)?
Grateful for any ideas or suggestions on this.
I wouldn't worry about SwissQuote going bust as they are a listed firm. I also wouldn't worry about the ETFs going bust if they are regulated in a UCITS structure.

If you are worried, you can have funds in 3-4 investment platforms.