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Is getting an inheritance always a good thing?

It can be a bad thing. Look at the stats. As an old and famous Chinese saying goes, wealth seldom lasts three generations or more. Where it does, it seems like the first generation put constraints on what can be done with the money.

Royal families can't get access to all the money due to a trust structure. Most wealthy people know these facts, which is why an increasing number want to put in similar structures.

Other negatives include

1. It can decrease motivation if the person knows, ahead of time, that they will get it.
2. Even where the inherited wealthy have motivation and a work ethic, it can reduce innovation and risk-taking.
3. If somebody gets a big inheritance at a young age, it is more likely to have negative effects.

If somebody unexpectedly gets an inheritance at age 40 or 50, I doubt it has as many bad effects. I know plenty of successful people who got inheritances later in life, and often just reinvested the money as they had no need for it.

Depending on an inheritance for success and financial security is the bigger problem.