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Dow hits record as Nasdaq falls

We have seen the Dow Jones and S&P500 hit record highs in the last week or so, with the Nasdaq falling.

Some comments:

1. I wouldn't care too much about talks of "rotations". Tech might outperform again in 2021, or non-tech might outperform. Nobody can know in advance if lockdowns will get worse due to new variants and other things. Likewise, it is pointless to speculate about regulations on big-tech.
2. What is important is to be diversified and hold positions for long periods of time. The Nasdaq was stagnant from 2000 until about 2012, yet somebody who bought in 2000 would now be massively up. That doesn't mean people should put all their eggs in the tech basket though.
3. We could see people "go for value" and buy UK, Mainland European, Japanese and other Asian stocks. Again though, the diversification point is key.