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  1. adamfayedofficialaccount

    New Expat Resource

    I am delighted to announce It will be a resource for expats which will go beyond the purely financial. There is only one article on the website right now, about Canada - Over time, it will be built up...
  2. adamfayedofficialaccount

    How easy is it to get expat mortgages?

    On the video below I discuss a very simple topic - how easy is it to get expat mortgages
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    As a reminder, I will be having a webinar on Wednesday, March 31, at 11am UK time. There will be two speakers. I will speak about the stock markets in Q1 2021, and the outlook for Q2. A second speaker will be talking about UK property as an asset class and how to get mortgages as a...
  4. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Golden visa programs

    This might interest some people. The Portugal Golden Visa programs is changing -
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    This website is not designed to be tax-advice. Yet many people ask for portable tax advice. Does anybody have recommendations for readers apart from the big 4?
  6. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Worldwide taxation in a post-pandemic world

    This thread will speak about worldwide taxation. Currently only the USA, Eritrea and North Korea tax citizens based on citizenship and not residency. In other words, US expats can still pay taxes if they live abroad. As mentioned on this website before, China and South Africa are now going...
  7. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Dow hits record as Nasdaq falls

    We have seen the Dow Jones and S&P500 hit record highs in the last week or so, with the Nasdaq falling. Some comments: 1. I wouldn't care too much about talks of "rotations". Tech might outperform again in 2021, or non-tech might outperform. Nobody can know in advance if lockdowns will get...
  8. adamfayedofficialaccount

    ARK ETFs

    In this video I look at ARK ETFs. I focus on - Are they better than Vanguard, iShares and BlackRock? - Are they riskier due to the space they invest in? - Is Vanguard better than iShares? - Do people overanalyse these things?
  9. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Are sustainable energy ETFs and stocks a good idea?

    On the video below I explore whether sustainable energy are a good idea. On this YouTube video I explore the idea in more detail.
  10. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Asian markets mixed.

    The Nikkei fell today, but kept above the 30,000 threshold. Shanghai rose to 3,675, which is an increase of 0.55%. Across Asia, it was a day of stagnation, with an average return of 0.01%. European markets are down, with US futures also slightly in the red.
  11. adamfayedofficialaccount

    US license + changes in minimum investments

    I am delighted to announce two major changes to our service offering which will allow us to service American expats and residents more efficiently. Also note that our investment minimums will be increasing again. Read more here -...
  12. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Is insurance needed where you live?

    Is insurance a necessary evil in your country of residency?
  13. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Pensions - are they needed?

    Are pensions the best way to invest in this day and age?
  14. adamfayedofficialaccount

    What can help people save more?

    What habits can help people save and invest more?
  15. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Success habits

    What are some of the fundamentals of success?
  16. adamfayedofficialaccount

    What lessons should we learn from the Japanese Nikkei's "comeback"?

    The Japanese Nikkei is back above 30,000 for the first time in three decades.
  17. adamfayedofficialaccount

    What kind of problems do you experience as an expat?

    What kind of investing and personal finance problems do you experience as an expat?
  18. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Expat Banking

    What has been your experience as an expat banking overseas/internationally?
  19. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Do any expats here struggle with getting access to appropriate investments?

    Is it difficult to invest productively as an expat?