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  1. adamfayedofficialaccount

    What are your favourite methods of saving and investment?

    That's right. In reality, fear stops people investing. With that being said, it makes sense to have some cash for emergencies, and if people are saving up for short-term objectives. It doesn't make sense to invest for one year to save up for a holiday, for example, due to market volatility.
  2. adamfayedofficialaccount

    New Expat Resource

    I am delighted to announce It will be a resource for expats which will go beyond the purely financial. There is only one article on the website right now, about Canada - Over time, it will be built up...
  3. adamfayedofficialaccount

    How easy is it to get expat mortgages?

    On the video below I discuss a very simple topic - how easy is it to get expat mortgages
  4. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Will the pandemic permanently affect property prices?

    I suspect it will. For decades big cities have outperformed. Look at a place like the UK. Nationwide, the UK's real terms house prices are below their 2008 levels. Yet London prices have gone up and up, whilst plenty of places in the North and Midlands have struggled badly. Some have even...
  5. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Is weighting ETFs by market cap the best way?

    There is a lot of debate about this. People say that the problem with market-cap based indexes is that most of your money goes to the big firms. In other words, as you buy the S&P500, you don't buy the 500 firms equally. You buy more of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Apple, Google etc. You don't...
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    As a reminder, I will be having a webinar on Wednesday, March 31, at 11am UK time. There will be two speakers. I will speak about the stock markets in Q1 2021, and the outlook for Q2. A second speaker will be talking about UK property as an asset class and how to get mortgages as a...
  7. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Is getting an inheritance always a good thing?

    It can be a bad thing. Look at the stats. As an old and famous Chinese saying goes, wealth seldom lasts three generations or more. Where it does, it seems like the first generation put constraints on what can be done with the money. Royal families can't get access to all the money due to a...
  8. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Is now the time to buy emerging markets?

    As per the analysis on portfolio visualiser emerging markets haven't beaten developed ones, and especially US ones - Whilst US stock markets have averaged 10% per year if dividends have been reinvested, emerging have done about 6%. Added to that, the worst...
  9. adamfayedofficialaccount


    I haven't looked at this stock before. I will take a look. Have you looked at factors like price:earnings ratios and various analysis? As a general comment I would keep individual stock picks down to 10% of a total portfolio. It is much riskier than holding the entire markets through ETFs.
  10. adamfayedofficialaccount

    US license + changes in minimum investments

    Remember these changes will be coming up in just over a week's time.
  11. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Golden visa programs

    This might interest some people. The Portugal Golden Visa programs is changing -
  12. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Are sustainable energy ETFs and stocks a good idea?

    Yes I agree. Although, the sector is highly dependent on government financing, so risks remain. Areas like lab grown meat could grow a lot as well.
  13. adamfayedofficialaccount

    How can I pass on my property (Primary residence) to my child?

    I find the three articles below interesting on the subject -
  14. adamfayedofficialaccount

    How can I pass on my property (Primary residence) to my child?

    This article is one of the best guides - I will write my own soon for somebody in your situation. Seems inheritance or gifting the property can be done on a fairly tax-efficient manner, but I would check if...
  15. adamfayedofficialaccount

    How can I pass on my property (Primary residence) to my child?

    This article from Saga is also good from a UK-perspective -
  16. adamfayedofficialaccount

    How can I pass on my property (Primary residence) to my child?

    Take the UK as an example. You can leave a house to a spouse, including husband, wife or partner, and pay no inheritance tax. If you leave it to your kids, it is counted towards your estate, and this can therefore be taxed. If you give it away whilst you are alive, there is usually no...
  17. adamfayedofficialaccount

    Technology stocks are falling - is this significant?

    Do you remember the 2000-2005 period? Tech stocks fell hard between 2000 and 2002 in particular. Tech wasn't taking over our lives. Many people thought that technology was over hyped in the 1990s. Some, including the Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman, predicted that emails and the...
  18. adamfayedofficialaccount

    How will the new taxes in the UK affect people?

    The new UK taxes announced will affect most people because the most significant changes are: 1. Increases in taxes by the back door. The allowances for income tax will be frozen for years. Assuming that average earnings grow by 2%, an inflation is also running at 2%, that will drag millions...
  19. adamfayedofficialaccount

    What are the biggest mistakes you made as an expat?

    The biggest financial mistakes I have seen are 1. Not saving to begin with. Back home, most people buy a property and pay automatically into a pension (government and sometimes private). That means that even people who are bad savers invest for retirement by default. Most expats have "front...